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PWC Launching from Superyachts

After the tragic death of a deckhand during the launching of a Personal Watercraft from a large yacht the ways that craft are launched has been under scrutiny. Please see the links below to read the case studies.


The usual method of launching PWC from the upper decks of a Yacht are with the use of lifting slings as seen in this case study and in some cases, crew members board the PWCs during the lift to aid with the removal of the slings once launched. The issue with these slings is that they have the capability of sliding off the PWC if not 'perfectly' placed, stoppers can be used either side of the sling under the rubbing strake to reduce the possibility of this occuring.


Since this incident, risk assessments onboard vessels have been reviewed by Captains and Managing agents and many Yachts have adapted their practice.


One of the safety measures that has been implemented by some Yachts, is changing over from the previously used lifting slings as seen in the image above.


Fatal accident whilst launching Personal Watercraft
Fatal accident.pdf
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Investigation report into fatality caused during launching of a PWC onboard a motor yacht - click here to download

A practice that is becoming more common is a fixed system where metal plates are inserted on the inner skin at the bow of the PWC with lifting eyes on the outer hull. The combination of these and the D-rings on the rear offer a safe 4-point lift using an item such as Spectra © lines for lifting.