Windsurf Instructor Resources

Tacking (static)

  • Start with the V-position
  • Lean mast towards the back of board
  • Take small steps around the mast
  • Feet pointing towards the back fo the boom 

Uphaul to V-position

  • Position [feet] either side of the mast foot
  • Feet on the centre line of the board
  • Bend knees, straighten back, grab the uphaul rope
  • Use hand over hand technique until the rig and the board are at 90-degrees with arms straight V-position

Steering (Luff up)

  • Look at your goal point
  • Arms straight when leaning the mast back 
  • Resume sailing position

Steering - bearing away

  • Bow & arrow position
  • Mast to front of board and sheet in
  • Push rig forward 
  • Resume sailing position


  • Keep body low
  • Steer board away from the wind
  • Hold position until the board is pointing downwind
  • Gradually ease the sail (sheet out) until the pressure builds
  • Move feet to new sailing position 
  • Pull sail across the board
  • Swop to new front / lead hand on the boom 
  • Resume sailing