Sea Survival Teaching Resources:

Sea Survival Course Content

Preparation for Sea Survival

  • Equipment available
  • Training drills
  • Actions prior to abandonment.

Principles of Survival

  • Methods to increase chances of survival
  • Signs, symptoms and treatment of hypothermia
  • Symptoms, method of treatment of sunburn, heat exhaustion and heatstroke
  • Survival routines to aid location
  • Correct use of pyrotechnics and other location aids
  • Water rationing and collection procedures
  • Food rationing
  • Sources of food
  • Location

Survival craft ailments

Lifejackets & Liferafts

Search & Rescue

  • Rescue by helicopter or vessel
  • Role of Coastguard
  • UK and International SAR Organisations
  • Other services

Practical Wet Drill

  • Liferaft launching, boarding
  • Survival whilst in water
  • Capsize drill
  • Final abandonment
  • Survival, difficulties & requirements