Teaching Online / Virtually

If you're looking to move into online / virtual teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic and possibly beyond, we've got some ideas to get you started. 

Whether you're an experienced instructor / teacher the dynamics of teaching online obviously creates some areas of our usual teaching styles that we need to adapt to. However none of these hurdles are particularly difficult to overcome. 

Some reminders on what you need to prepare before you get started with online teaching: 

  • Create a lesson / session plan and create resources. 
  • Plan for ways to engage your students / attendees. 
  • Figure out ways to check your students progress, check understanding and offer them useful feedback
  • Create activities or resources that can be shared / emailed to your students so they can complete activities during your session, recap prior knowledge, consolidate what you've taught them during their online session or use as referral material in the future. 

Student Prep:

Ensure you student knows what tech is required. Most sessions can be viewed over a phone but would be better viewed on a computer screen in order to get the detail you're trying to show them. 

Making it interactive & Checking Understanding:


Ideas of Equipment you may benefit from:

Online Teaching Platforms:

Live Teaching



Pre-Recorded Sessions

Means to deliver 1-way content

Teaching on Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Getting Started with Zoom:

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams:


When teaching via Zoom or Microsoft Teams it is worth getting a second camera (see useful equipment at top of page) as you can link this into Zoom to allow second screen for example to show chart work / almanacs / books etc - ensure what you on screen is large so it's clear to see for students. Erasable Marker Pens rather than a pencil when doing chart work etc can be good for this (see 'useful equipment' list at top of this page). 

When teaching on Zoom or any video software remember to still use the things you'd use in your 'real' classroom such as physical visual aids. 

Pls find a break down of useful elements of both Microsoft Teams and Zoom below that will ensure your virtual teaching is as interesting, dynamic and interactive as possible. 

Microsoft Teams


Set up a virtual background

If the room you're teaching from is messy or distracting set up a virtual background :)

You may wish to consider a green screen (see 'useful equipment' at the top of this page) 

Waiting Room / Lobby

Waiting room - allows you to see when your students / attendees have logged in and are waiting plus gives you a chance to finish any last minute prep / prepare your screen


Speaker / Presenter View

Choosing where the focus is. Whether you want it to stay / focus on you as the instructor or if you want it to focus on a student to allow their response / comments to be viewed by all attendees. 

Screen Sharing

Share screens from smart phones / tablets via a cable set up i.e. Navionics, RYA SafeTrx, RYA eBooks

App sharing - will show phone / tablet screen to allow for 'real time' demonstrations 

Online / Virtual Whiteboard

Whiteboard Function works for both you to write / draw things but also your students can annotate the whiteboard too !

Break Out Rooms

Peer Learning: Use Break out rooms to allow students to work together. Choose how many break out rooms, specify who goes in which room & name the room. You can still send notifications to 'all' in break out rooms. 


Tea Breaks - use break out room so students can chat with each other (with or without you)

Share Video

Videos give your students a dynamic interesting thing to watch and a break from you / your voice to keep them engaged !

Share Powerpoint

Check out how to share a powerpoint presentation without losing the 'chat' or 'notes' functionality. 

Getting Extra Interactivity during sessions:

Hand Raise

Raise Hand - brings your attention if a student has a question to ask


Quiz your students on the go ! Answers can be records with identification of each student. 

Using Polls for interactive teaching or quizzes
Adobe Acrobat Document 911.5 KB

Chat Box

Chat box - for students to converse with you or with each other. And share files :)

Useful Camera Apps


DroidCam - turns your Android Device into a webcam


EPOCAM - Easily turn your phone into a high definition Mac or PC webcam.

Perfect for business, online teaching, live streaming and more, EpocCam works seamlessly with popular video conferencing and broadcast software. Connect via USB or stream camera footage to your PC over Wi-Fi, and move freely while broadcasting anywhere in your local network.


SHOOT - This app gives you a clean feed from the camera to your screen and stops your device from going to sleep. This allows you to stream camera video via AirPlay, HDMI or Lightning cable to a Desktop App like OBS, eCamm Live or Zoom, allowing you to stream to Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Live, or use your device as a webcam for video conferences.