PWC (jetski) instructor - Teaching Theory:

Knowledge of: Weather (Sources & significance of weather forecasts)


  • How to find a relevant forecast? 
  • Obtain a forecast for area of operation
  • Discuss the important aspects of the forecast i.e. wind strength / direction, visibility, wave height. 

Knowledge of: Charts


  • Colours
  • Depths (Chart Datum)
  • Hazards (Symbols)
  • Direction (Compass Rose0
  • Distance (Scale)

Knowledge of: Tides & Tidal Streams

Tidal Streams Photo
Image ©Kevin Hood


  • Where to find tidal information (i.e. EasyTide, Apps etc)
  • Springs & Neaps - why do we need to know they occur and how they effect us?
  • Relevance to us: Slipways/ Launching, Anchoring, Depth, Sea state (i.e. wind with and wind against), Safety
  • DO NOT TEACH: 'How tides occur' not tidal curves, nor tidal diamonds, not Rule of 12ths (if they want to learn more refer to RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship course) 

Understands: How to interpret tidal information


  • How to read a tide table
  • Chart Datum + Tidal Heights

Check student understanding: i.e. get each person to locate high or low water on a specific date, collect chart datum in an area and calculate depth of water. 

Understands: Buoyage


  • IALA A & B
  • Lateral Marks
  • Cardinal Marks
  • Isolated Danger Marks
  • Emergency Wreck Marks
  • Safe Water Marks
  • Special Marks

Check student understanding: i.e. Q&A session

Knowledge of: Sound Signals


  • Sound signals used in daytime & clear visibility (1, 2, 3, and 5 blasts)

Understands: Rules of the road


  • Lookout (Rule 5)
  • Safe Speed (Rule 6)
  • Priorities between different classes of vessel
  • Head On (Rule 14)
  • Overtaking (Rule 13)
  • Crossing (Rule 15)
  • Local rules / byelaws i.e. speed limits, prohibited areas etc

Check student understanding: i.e. Q&A session (prior to practical rules of the road session. 

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