Teaching PWC Navigation & Chart Work

KNOWLEDGE OF: Charts - representation of land, shallows, deep water, hazards, direction & distance

Briefly Cover:

  • Chart Name / Area
  • Year of print (is it current enough?)
  • Colours
  • Depth
  • Scale
  • Compass Rose
  • Symbols (Hazards, Buoyage, Useful Items: Fuel, Slipways, Toilets, Water/Taps for flushing etc)
  • Land Marks


Briefly Cover: 

  • What to avoid ! 
  • Big Buoys = Big Craft, Little Buoys = Little Craft
  • Channels
  • Lateral, Cardinal, Special, Danger & Wreck Marks

CAN: Follow a planned route, identifying buoys and landmarks


  • Planning & Considerations when creating a route plan
  • Application of a route plan
  • Get your students to take it turns identifying the route to travel and carrying it out. 


There is no requirement in the syllabus for your students to 'create' a route plan / passage or pilotage plan so rather than doing this have a 'pre-prepared' one for the operating area. If they want to learn how to do it themselves recommend the RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship course

CAN: Use a compass to aid navigation

Cover (Afloat): 

  • Use a hand bearing compass to locate a mark / area you intend to travel to following the passage / pilotage plan

Brush up your knowledge: