Handy Hints for Teaching PWC (jetskiing):

Man overboard:

The key to teaching any manouvere: 

Consider P.A.M.E. –

  • Plan – How you are going to get there safely
  • Approach – What angle you should take, considering the wind/tide effects
  • Manouvere – What speed and other considerations you need to make
  • Escape – Always have an escape route! 

Syllabus states – ‘Can – Approach and recover a man overboard’


Why? Usually to recover your passenger from the water when they have fallen off or perhaps been thrown off!


Fundamentals: Never use a real person to practice this exercise, instead use a weighted fender or MOB dummy. Demonstration as with all aspects of the syllabus, is key. The approach should be made from a reasonable distance downwind and be VERY slow. Remember to turn off your engine when you are near your MOB and recover the MOB from the rear of the PWC rather than the side, if this circumstance happened for real you could only practically recover the MOB from the boarding platform. To discuss recovery methods further there are videos available to show your students in the RYA PWC e-book.