PWC (jetski) Terminology:

PWC Brand / Manufacturer Names:

  • Jetski - a brand name owned by Kawasaki
  • Waverunner - a brand name owned by Yamaha
  • Seadoo - a brand name owned by BRP
  • Aquatrax - a brand name owned by Honda

PWC Engine Types:

  • CLCS (Seadoo) - Closed Loop Cooling System.  
  • OLCS (Yamaha) - Open Loop Cooling System. 

PWC Technology:

  • ETS - Electronic Trim System
  • DESS (Seadoo)- Digital Encoded Security System
  • iDF (Seadoo) - Intelligent Debris-Free Pump System
  • iBR (Seadoo) - Intelligent Brake and Reverse
  • MPEM - Multi Purpose Electrical Module
  • OTS - Off Throttle Steering
  • RiDE (Yamaha) - Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics
  • T.D.E - Thrust Directional Enhancer
  • YEMS - Yamaha Engine Management System
  • VTS - Variable Trim System
  • YSS - Yamaha Security System

PWC Hulls:

  • Chine - the sharp change in angle in the cross section of the hull i.e. sides to bottom (hull)
  • Pad - the nearly flat section towards the back of your PWC hull
  • Ride Plate - protects your pump nozzle, adds stability, aids straight line handling, dependant on design can aid cornering
  • Strakes - help create lift when getting onto the plane, enhance tracking, prevent sliding in a turn and increase stability 
  • Sponsons - part of a PWC that extends from the hull to aid stability, add lift and keep the PWC hooked into a turn 
  • S3 (Seadoo) - Stepped, Stable and Strong
  • T3 (Seadoo) - Tight Turning T-Hull