Avoiding & mitigating the effects of a hook

RYA Guidance to Powerboat Instructors

Key teaching points: 

  • Hull shapes
  • Seating & Handholds
  • Killcord
RYA Guidance on avoiding & mitigating a hook turn
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Ejection of 6 people from rigid inflatable boat Milly resulting in 3 people injured, 2 seriously and loss of 2 lives - Location: Camel Estuary, Cornwall, England.

MAIB Report - RIB Millie
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Safety lessons

  • a Kill cord was not attached to the driver at the time of the accident
  • the drivers were unprepared for the boat’s reaction when it was turned at speed and then “hooked” as they did not have the level of boat handling skills required to control such a turn
  • trials undertaken on the boat found that it developed a high angle of heel when turned at high speeds
  • occupants should be seated, holding on and as far aft as possible when boats are travelling at speed