How to obtain Medical Advice at Sea?

}European legislation requires Member states to have one or more centres to provide free radio medical advice for ships.
}UK centres– Portsmouth & Aberdeen

}Intended to supplement 1st aid training of crew.

Gaining Medical Advice:

Assistance via VHF Radio:

}(MAYDAY = Grave & imminent danger / Medivac)
}PANPAN = Urgent / Medical advice
}DSC urgency alert: NO red button!
}Select ‘Urgent call’

}Follow with voice call

Preparation before VHF call:

}Casualty details: Name, Illness/Injury
}Type of Vessel
}Next or nearest port of call

}(notepad & pen)

E.G. The voice call:

}PanPan x 3
}Portland Coastguard x 3 (if known or ‘All Stations’)
}This is Yacht RYA x 3, Callsign EVC23, MMSI no. 232543210
}My position is 50º 46’N 001º 17’W
}I require medical advice
}Three persons onboard