RYA Course updates / Revisions

RYA Powerboat Logbook (G20) revision:-

- Some revisions to the way the syllabus is laid out for all levels of course other than Safety boat - there are no additions, just changes to the level you should be pitching to in some areas. Worth updating your copy. 

- The endorsements sections on RYA Level 1 & 2 are detailed with an area to 'tick' to identify the endorsement issued. 

- Under the 'Boat handling' section in all courses now includes "the importance of boat control in waves and adequate seating to minimise the possibility of back injury" to the level of 'understands'. 

- The term 'issue distress signal by all available means' replaces specific mention to flares or VHF and is to encourage dialogue about flares, VHF, GMDSS, EPIRBS etc.


RYA Safety boat course update:-

- A reminder that when teaching Man overboard this should NEVER be done using a 'real' person. If you want to teach person recovery techniques i.e. from the water back into the boat you MUST have your engine turned off and be tied up to a mooring buoy/pontoon or similar. 


RYA Powerboat level 2 update:-

- A reminder to make sure you identify clearly when to contact the emergency services i.e. don't brush over the subject, integrate it into the begining of your session. 


RYA PWC course update:-

- If you're not aware there is a new G35 PWC handbook with the  new syllabus in it - the main changes are the addition of coming alongside and man overboard. 

- A reminder from the RYA that you must teach a 'practical' application of IRPCS not just theory. 


FAO: Trainers/Coaches:-

- New instructor record cards are now in place, please request some copies from the Training dept, your old ones should be disposed of. The new cards have a revised health declaration section and this information should be shared with your instructor candidates before their course i.e. in joining instructions/booking form to stop any issues when they arrive. 


FAO: Powerboat Trainers:-

- Just a reminder that (as of 2011) the ratio for teaching the Advanced powerboat instructor course (and for teaching Intermediate & Advanced courses) is 3:1