Virustatic® Shield

What is it?

Classified as a 'face covering' the Virustatic® Shield is designed in a snood style - it has been designed & developed to reduce pathogenic microbial intake into the human respiratory system. 

How does it work?

The revolutionary protein coating works to disable viruses on contact to help slow the spread of infections, this has been proven during testing against the H1N1 Influenza virus. In addition, the protein layer is designed to allow the mask to be touched without transferring the virus for non-hazardous disposal once used. 

Why use it?

The Virustatic® Shield offers two way protection. Its helps protect you but also others from harmful viruses breathed through it. Though obviously  it is only effective when accompanied by strict personal hygiene. 

The Virustatic® Shield has been developed to be worn for up to 200 hours and can be 'hand washed' in warm water (without detergent) - it recommended that it should only be washed 4 times. You can wear this face shield inside out and upside down if you wish.. theres no 'right' way as long as it covers you mouth, nose and ears. 

Virustatic® Shield vs Face Masks?

Help reduce the environmental Impact of single use face masks..

Unlike single use face masks the Virustatic® Shield has been developed to be worn for up to 200 hours and can even by washed numerous times without losing its effectiveness. This means it lasts 50 x longer that a normal disposable face mask which are usually recommended for 4 hours of use..

Why are these of use to you as an instructor, training centre or club?

Cost saving due to face covering longevity when compared to standard disposable face mask

200 hours of use vs. recommended 4 hours use of standard disposable face mask

Reduced environment impact

Safe disposal when compared to one time use disposable face mask

More comfortable fit particularly when wearing for a longer duration (i.e. when teaching etc)

Natural fabric for breathability - particularly helpful on warmer days teaching / doing safety boat duties etc

Two way protection (rather than one way with many standard face masks) therefore offering both you and your clients / students more protection. 

Protects critical virus infection points: mouth, nose and ears vs standard face masks that assuming are being worn correctly do not protect ears

Have you tried talking in a face mask or wearing one for a longer period of time? If you have, you will likely have found that as you speak and your chin moves up and down they generally require constant adjustment to not pull down off your nose.. this Virustatic® Shield design reduces, if not negates this issue.. 


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