Powerboat / Safety Boat Kit:

Telescopic Paddle

Telescopic Steering Oars  55/130cm

Manufacturer Brands May Vary


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Scoop Bailer

Note: Colours may vary


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Survival Bag

Manufacturer Brands May Vary


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Jobe PWC Killcord

PWC Killcord / Safety Lanyard - Suitable for Yamaha & Kawasaki PWC 


  • Available
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Radio Emergency Procedure Sticker

This sticker covers a step by step process of the Distress alert (DSC) and the Mayday voice procedure. The sticker is waterproof to allow application to exposed surfaces. 

VHF version = Space to write your vessel name & Callsign

VHF/DSC version =  Space to write your vessel name, Callsign and MMSI number. 


Perfect to be placed next to your VHF or VHF/DSC set, on the side of a safety container or any other non-porous stickable surface! 

Weather proof, waterproof & UV resistant

Size: 15.5cm x 10.6cm (approximately the size of a postcard)



Ensure that the surface is dry and clean prior to application. 

When adding vessel details to the sticker ensure this is done in permanent ink. 


  • Shipping Time: 1-3 days1

Fire Extinguisher:


Handheld GPS: