What to do if you want to be listed on our freelance instructors page...

What does it cost?

Nothing! Listing is free of charge and has been since 2001, there is a chance in the future we may ask for a small donation towards the site (still in consideration) to help pay for the up-keep, however you will not be 'required' to do this, you can choose simply to 'opt out' of your listing. We will email you with more information 'as and when' or 'if' this is going to happen. 


Whats the catch then? - All we ask for in exchange for your free listing is that you publicise our website to the best of your ability to your colleagues and our online shop to your students as the small income we gain from these sales helps pay for the existence of the website.

What we need from you:

Email us at info@instructortoolkit.co.uk with the following details: 

  • Name
  • Hometown
  • Email address (this email address must be generic i.e. hotmail/gmail/aol etc - we will not list you if you provide a 'business' email address)
  • RYA instructor qualifications you wish to be listed for
  • Passport style / size photo (with a smile)
  • Copies of all relevant instructor certificates including your current first aid certificate