IPV Code - Pleasure Craft Regulations

  • What does IPVC or IPV Code stand for?  - Intended Pleasure Vessel Code
  • What is the IPV Code? - The Code of Practice for Intended Pleasure Vessels in Temporary Commercial Use at Sea
  • Who is the IPV Code for? - Vessels temporarily operating outside of the definition of pleasure vessel 
  • IPV Code Part 1 applies to: vessels used by vessel Owners, Manufacturers, brokers, surveyors, repairers, Delivery Companies or Equipment Service Providers contracted for business purposes. For the Code to be applicable the business purpose must relate to sale, repair, post-production/post-repair/mid-survey sea trials, equipment sea trials, customer sea trials or vessel delivery outside the definition of a pleasure vessel.
  • IPV Code Part 2 applies to: temporary commercial use at sea on a single-voyage basis as a Race Support Boat for the purpose of Race Support Activities at sea affiliated to the National Governing Body of the Sport.
  • Definition of a Pleasure Vessel: See MGN 489 (M) (or see downloads section below)
  • Definition of a Commercial Vessel (Less than 24m): If your vessel does not meet the definition of ‘pleasure vessel’ then it will be subject to commercial vessel regulation. (See this link) & see Small vessels in commercial use (download below)
  • What is the MCA classification of a Small Vessel? Less than 24 metres and carrying no more than 12 passengers
  • Is my yacht commercial if sail racing at sea? Yes, it is classified as a commercial vessel and needs to be coded or comply with the appropriate regulations. 

IPV Code Downloads:

Adobe Acrobat Document 916.5 KB

IPV Code supporting MGN:

MGN 597 (M)

Adobe Acrobat Document 354.1 KB

Intended Pleasure Vessels - Temporary Commercial Use at Sea - Business Purposes

MGN 598 (M)

Adobe Acrobat Document 278.6 KB

Intended Pleasure Vessels - Temporary Commercial Use at Sea - Race Support Boats

MGN 599 (M)

Adobe Acrobat Document 803.7 KB

Pleasure Vessels - Regulations and Exemptions - Guidance and Best Practice Advice. 

MGN 489 (M)

Adobe Acrobat Document 3.9 MB

Pleasure Vessels - UK Regulations (inc. Definitions of a Pleasure Vessel)

Small Vessels (Under 24m) in Commercial Use

Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB

IPV Code Definitions:

For further definitions please see pages 5 - 10 of the IPV Code Download above. 

Immediate Family
  1. as defined for Pleasure Vessel use, means in relation to an individual, the spouse or civil partner of the individual, and a relative of the individual or the individual's spouse or civil partner; and "relative" means brother, sister, ancestor or lineal descendant. 

Friends   TBC
  1. means, in relation to a vessel, the individual(s), body corporate, or member’s club owning the vessel, or the individual(s) or body corporate designated and contracted to act as the vessel’s Managing Agent. 

  1. means the individual or body corporate responsible for the operation and safety on-board an Intended Pleasure Vessel while at sea. For Part 1 of this Code of Practice the Operator would be either the Owner or the Manufacturer, broker, surveyor, repairer, Delivery Company, or Equipment Service Provider contracted by the Owner for business purposes relating to sale, repair, post-production / post-repair / mid-survey sea trials, equipment sea trials, customer sea trials, or vessel delivery for use in connection with that business purpose. For the purpose of DSM Certification, the Operator should be deemed the DSM “Company”. For Part 2 of this Code of Practice the Operator would be assigned by the Race Committee for Race Support Activities. 

  1. means a person carried on a vessel with the exception of: -

    (a) a person employed or engaged in any capacity on the business of the vessel:

    (b) a person who is on board either because of the obligation on the master of the vessel to carry shipwrecked or distressed persons or because of a circumstance that neither the master, Owner nor charterer (if any) could have prevented, for example a stowaway;

    (c) a child under one year of age. 

Pleasure Vessel
  1. (according to SI1998/2771, as amended) means: -

    (a) any vessel which at the time it is being used is:

    (aa) in the case of a vessel wholly owned by an individual or individuals, used only for the sport or pleasure of the owner or the immediate family or friends of the owner; or

    (bb) in the case of a vessel owned by a body corporate, used only for sport or pleasure and on which the persons on board are employees or officers of the body corporate, or their immediate family or friends; and

    (ii) on a voyage or excursion which is one for which the owner does not receive money for or in connection with operating the vessel or carrying any person, other than as a contribution to the direct expenses of the operation of the vessel incurred during the voyage or excursion; or

    (b) any vessel wholly owned by or on behalf of a members' club formed for the purpose of sport or pleasure which, at the time it is being used, is used only for the sport or pleasure of members of that club or their immediate family, and for the use of which any charges levied are paid into club funds and applied for the general use of the club; and

    (c) in the case of any vessel referred to in paragraphs (a) or (b) above no other payments are made by or on behalf of users of the vessel, other than by the Owner. 

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