MarineEd App User Guide

Home Page:

The home icon will always return you back to this page.




Choose a specific topic to study or tap ALL CATEGORIES. 



  • Buoyage (IALA regions A & B)
  • Anchors
  • Engines & Hull Types
  • Safety (Including day symbols & sound signals)
  • IRPCS (road rules)
  • Weather & Tides
  • Night Lights
  • Charts


Flash card front:

Tap screen anywhere to reveal the name and description. 

Swipe screen from Right to Left to move onto the next flash card. Swipe screen from Left to Right to move back the previous flash card. 


Flash card reverse: 

Tap the screen again to take you back the front of the card. 



Quiz Mode: 

A series of 40 randomly picked multiple choice questions so that your quiz never gets boring! 

Choose your level of difficulty:

1 star = Beginners / New to the subject

2 star = Intermediate / Some experience

3 star = Advanced / Good level of experience


Answer questions by tapping on one of the multiple choice answers. 

Once answered you will be automatically moved onto the next question. 


If you answer the question correctly, the answer will turn green and a tick will be placed in the box. 

If you answer the question in-correctly, the answer will turn red and a cross will be placed in the box. 

Quiz Completion:

On completion a score page will show up, giving you your score out of 40 and an award. 

You can now share your score on Twitter or Facebook.


Your scores:

A historical record of your quiz scores will also be available for you to re-visit so you can review your progression. 

They will be split according to the quiz level rating.



Video Tutorials: 

Fancy learning more? 

You can watch our video tutorials via the youtube link. 

You will need to be connected to 3G or WiFi to access these. 


Tutorials cover: 

  • Navigation
  • Tides
  • Weather
  • Powerboating
  • Dinghy sailing
  • Personal watercraft